Borage Blooms


Full bloom!  Our Borage has put out one or two flowers over the last several days, but this morning we woke up to find it showing off all its pretty blueness. 

It’s well protected now, so the only time Baby Bare gets to sample his own borage is when Mama hand feeds him.  I’ve been trying them, too, and–despite that little bit of prickliness–they’re kind of refreshing.  Plus, I think they might give me an edge:  I’ll get a sharper tongue to combat whatever fire-breathing abilities the baby dragons might have gained.  For her part, Mama has tried one of the flowers on her salad because they are so pretty.  What she really wants is to try and crystallize them for another day, since that’s what her favorite garden book says you can do with them.

She’s also going to start some more seedlings for the wild island garden out front so that we can have more bees.  I don’t know if this is such a good idea, but she seems to think it is.  And so, a new Borage cycle will soon begin.

Borage Buds? IMG_1177

borage2borage buds2013

 borage close-up   borage1-30-13(2)


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    One of my favorite Flowers. Borage.

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