Dragon Tongues

I thought Mama was joking when she decided to plant some Dragon Tongue Bush Beans.  With such limited space, and Zipper Peas already growing, I was sure another experiment with beans of any sort would be out of the question.  And, of course, the name itself was the biggest clue:  Dragon Tongue. Who in their right mind would ever plant something with such a name??

Sigh.  I can’t even say “Bless her heart” on this one.  I guess the joke’s on me.

When she first planted them, I watched the area, but nothing seemed to happen.  Soon, some little sprouts popped up, but no baby dragons.  The sprouts grew into pretty leaves, so I thought that maybe we were in the clear and that the seeds were duds and that this would just be another green thing–and eventually a green thing with little purple flowers– in the backyard:

I knew they would be trouble, but Baby Bare disagreed with me from the start.  To this day, he continues to insist that they are something special, and so each time he passes by, he grabs  as many as he can and gives them a good chomp.  Pretty though they are, the leaves have a fuzzy-like texture, so I’m not sure why he likes them.

And really, I don’t care why he does.   What I do care about is that he keeps doing it, and here’s why.  Huntress though I am, I foresee an epic battle that I may not be able to fight alone.  Fortunately, he does keep chomping (and spoiled as he is, Mama doesn’t chase him out as quickly as she would me).  Mama is also an unwitting ally, since, naive as it may be, she thinks the Dragon Tongue is simply about a harvest that needs picking.

But these plants matter, you see, for reasons far greater than Mama understands.  She can’t see what we are dealing with, even when the pictures clearly show it:

THIS is what “Dragon Tongue” plants do:  they invite more baby dragons to our den, all looking for ways to nourish their tongues.  On their own Holy Grail quests, the baby dragons ultimately seek the nectar of the speckled, garishly decorated beans of their ancestors.

Why, you ask?

For the thing that matters most, next to a dragon’s wings:  they do all of this as a way to regain and strengthen their latent fire-breathing abilities!

Don’t you see?  It’s all about the Dragon’s Tongue!


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